7 Snapshots of Parenthood

The pictures we don’t take.

Every new parent takes approximately 1,000 pictures of their baby’s first week of life.

Baby’s first photo at hospital. Mom holding baby. Dad holding baby. Baby with all the grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends. Baby’s first outfit. Baby's car ride home. Baby's first bath. You get the picture…

But there are certain moments you can’t capture. And those to me are the real snapshots of parenthood.

Here are a few of my family’s uncaptured photos:

The slow-mo crawl…

- Looking over in the middle of the night and seeing Husband quietly slow-mo crawl out of bed so to not wake baby.

So that’s where we keep those…

- First night home: Me trying to calm/feed screaming baby in middle of night. Husband reaching into nightstand for ear plugs.

This one’s different (doesn’t spit up)

- Me: “I’m glad he doesn’t spit up.” You’ll never guess what happened next…

Thirty seconds later me and baby are both covered in spit up.

You’re a sleepwalker?

- Woke up around midnight to Husband frantically looking all over our Bed for the baby.

Me: What are you doing?
Husband: Trying to find the baby.
Me: He’s asleep in his bassinet…

Note: I also find myself holding a pillow every time I wake up and thinking it is baby. I have to look in his bassinet every time to make sure.

Danger everywhere…

- Grabbing the Rock-and-play baby is napping in and running because a bee came near while enjoying coffee outside.

Seriously, everywhere.

- Grabbing the Rock-and-play baby is napping in and running because a wasp came near while enjoying coffee outside

Not just for baby.

- Nearly twisting my ankle/breaking my foot running to Baby because he whimpered during a nap (two weeks later it hurts more than any other postpartum recovery).

At each of these moments, I thought to myself, “this is parenthood.” I look forward to future uncaptured snapshots. They are my favorite because they are so real.

And that’s just Baby’s first three weeks of life.

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