Learn React With Me — A Series

Photo by Clément H on Unsplash

This time last year I dove head first into the tech industry. I took a semester off of school and enrolled in a JavaScript Bootcamp. This boot camp was intense, like most other boot camps. I went to the classes Monday through Friday, 9–5, commuted in rush hour twice a day, and coded when I got home. I worked my butt off and researched and learned from the people around me. The end of March was graduation. The Monday after I graduated, I started my first full-time software engineering job. Ever since then I’ve been inspired and motivated by the online tech community.

This is my way of starting to give back.

I’ve been coding with React for the past 9 months and while thinking of things I wanted to accomplish this year, I came up with this really fun series. Something that I’ve been wanting to do that will benefit myself and others — a deep dive into React from the beginning. That’s what ‘Learn React With Me’ is all about. Learning React with me as I go through the documentation and learn more in-depth the library that has quickly become my favorite and preferred library for JavaScript.

Not every lesson will be pure React. In order to understand some React concepts, there will definitely be other lessons that go with where we are at in the learning process. This could include routing, SSR, JavaScript basics, etc. It’s important to be well rounded and without knowing some surrounding material, we may miss out on some of the best qualities of using React.
If you have any questions in the process, please feel free to comment here, tweet me (@courtneyecorlew), or email me courtneyecorlew@gmail.com.
I’m excited to start this series. Thank you for being apart of this journey.

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