Modern American Christians and an ancient story of sin

Today is a dark stain on the calendar of humanity.

As we woke to news of 49 Muslim worshippers gunned down by a Neo-Nazi terrorist wielding rifles covered in white supremacist graffiti in a city named for the central figure in the Christian faith, I was overwhelmed with dread for which I couldn’t quite place the source.

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I thought perhaps my memories of the Pulse Nightclub shooting had been triggered. …

3 common pitfalls to avoid with voice first marketing

It’s that time again. Planning season for next year’s marketing strategy. And in every digital marketing director’s office, there is a shiny object stealing all the attention: voice search.

Are we ready for it?

Do we need a skill?

What is a skill anyway?

Behind all the hype is a mountain of research predicting that voice first technology has been adopted faster than any other communication technology before it. Faster than television, the internet, and even faster than smartphones.

comScore predicts that half of all searches will be performed via voice by 2020, and Gartner’s research suggests that 60 percent of all voice searches will be performed on screenless, voice first devices like Amazon Echo and Google Home. …

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