Town-based School Districts Today, Town-based School Districts Tomorrow, Town-based School…
Josh Michtom

Thanks for this, Josh… I see how all the policy works to support segregation (and I certainly see policy supporting it in my large, urban area. Can you say “choice”?). But I also see a growing group of parents who DON’T want segregated schools for thier kids. I’m one of them and mine attend a high-poverty school. And guess what? As you no doubt would suspect, they’re doing fine. Scratch that… They’re doing great. And in the midst of their academic successes, they’re also learning how to exist in a world where not everyone looks like and lives like they do. That is invaluable.

While we should never ignore policy, it’s high time in our conversations of segregation (and segregated schools in particular) how middle class kids actually benefit from integration, too. This isn’t a choice between what’s-good-for-country and what’s-good-for-my-kid; integration isn’t really the “sacrifice” we have been sold…

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