Case Study: Raven’s Redux

Creating a Fashion Blog

Raven’s Redux was my first project after completing the UXDI course at General Assembly. I was really excited to apply what learned knowledge to a project outside of the school environment! I’m not a web developer, but ended up creating the blog site with WordPress.

Initially I met with the client and listened to her desires for the blog, then explained how I could help. We decided we were a good fit for each other and started to brainstorm about design. I asked about her personal style and her goals for the blog. She prefers clean and simple. She also plans to grow the blog organically, so wants the design to leave room for growth. The easiest method of communication for the client was email and text, so that is how we proceeded. We also met in person twice per week for 3 weeks.

Next, I gave her the Brand Identity Prism to fill in, which really helped us narrow the scope of the purpose and audience.

Brand Identity Prism

We also did some quick sketches to come up with a simple home page, which was super easy. Next we talked about the persona and filled out a User Journey Map, which helped us keep in the mind the needs and expectations of the user as they navigate and use the site.

Rough notes
User Journey Map

After completing these exercises, I got to work on design. It was a great learning experience because I learned how to make a blog; there are so many options for layout! I did a quick comparative analysis by looking at several other top fashion blogs and took notes. I was quite surprised at how many successful fashion blogs have very basic (confusing/not good IMHO) design! As shown in the photos, the navigation was very simple. The objective for the site was simple as well; give fashion tips, entertain with witty observations and personal experience, and allow for sharing. I showed the client the first design and she was not thrilled, so we discussed changes.

The challenge was choosing the size of images, the content in the footer, and the layout of the homepage (static or no?). We wanted to include a dusty rose pink as an accent color because we thought black and white would be too plain vanilla, but we agreed the pink made the site look cheesy. Black and white portrayed chic and classy (client’s style). I made the changes and we both agreed it was much better. The client is not very familiar with social media, so I set up her social media accounts and hosting as well.

Archives Page
Example of post
Bottom of post includes share feature, tags, suggestions, previous/next posts.

Creating the blog was different from other projects because I was on my own and there was no GA team or big presentation at the end, but it was really fun! The client is ready to make the site live and start growing the blog. I would like to do user testing because I’m curious about engagement time, eye tracking, and user satisfaction, but otherwise, the site is finished for now. Eventually the client would like to add a side bar with more content, add videos, possibly a YouTube Channel, and add e-commerce. I’m looking forward to working on this more in the future!