From Trash to Treasure

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

Japan is a veritable treasure field of motoring gems. Even vehicles labelled as salvage cars, which are sold at absurdly low prices, can be worked on and turned into a reliable daily driver.

The underlying reason behind this is that vehicles called salvage cars in Japan are vastly different from the salvage cars you will find in other markets. Listed here are the many types of salvage cars that you can purchase from Japan.

Damaged vehicles

Insurance companies in Japan will write off vehicles that are only slightly damaged because of the high repair and depreciation cost. This is why you will find these cheaply sold. In turn, you can use the parts of these vehicles to repair similar models.

Insurance companies will also write off vehicles that have run into a ditch, or encountered engine, differential and faulty transmission problems. You may also find salvage cars that have been written off for minor electrical failures.

High kilometer vehicles

Other vehicles are sold as salvage vehicles because of their high mileage, breaching the 100,000-km mark. When vehicles breach this mark, their demand goes down.

Vehicles used for evaluation

Japanese manufacturers often import vehicles from their competitors in order to analyze these and help improve their production. Afterwards, these vehicles cannot be registered in the domestic market and, as such, are sold to foreign buyers at ridiculously low costs even if their mileage is practically nil.

Stolen vehicles

The Japanese also sell stolen and recovered vehicles as salvage vehicles. Often, the only damage these cars carry are broken locks.

Out-of-fashion vehicles

Year in, year out, new vehicle models are introduced into the Japanese market. This often translates to perfectly working vehicles with very low mileage being discarded simply because they are out of fashion in the eyes of Japanese buyers.

If you are interested in sourcing serviceable parts from these salvage vehicles or converting these into motoring gems, you can find a reputable Japanese vehicle exporter who can help you with these endeavors. All you have to do is to submit a list of models that you wish to purchase as well as your budget for these.

Once the exporter has found vehicles that fit your criteria, the details will be sent to you. Should you approve of these cars, the payment and shipping arrangements will be discussed with you. Typically, salvage vehicles are entered as part of the Government Recycle System. Often, this means that the vehicles will be dismantled.