How To Prepare For Your First Speed Dating Event

Both men and women spend a particular amount of time getting ready for a date. After all, nobody wants to get shot down by a person they are attracted to or find interesting only on their first date.

The same amount of preparation should also go into prepping for a speed dating event you will be joining. If you’re depending greatly on such events to find romance, you will definitely need to show up sufficiently ready so that you can present only your best, true side.

If it’s your first time to join a speed dating event, here are some tips you can follow to better prepare for it and hopefully, find success from the experience:

Look your best. Don’t go to the event wearing wrinkled, smelly clothes. Don’t show up without taking a bath as well. You don’t have to hire a stylist and makeup artist to help you get glammed up but make sure you show up looking at the very least presentable. Look for and wear clothes that accentuate your body and style. Your outfit can help you be yourself and at the same time, say a lot about who you are so don’t be afraid to dress up and work the clothing angle.

Be open-minded. Even if you’re new to this concept, during the event, make sure you are open to this experience and give the person in front of you a chance. Although first impressions count for something, give your dates a chance, regardless of what you feel or think when you see them at first glance. Keep in mind that the person across you may be just as nervous as you are (or even more) and give him or her a few minutes to feel relaxed enough to open up to you. Always keep an open mind and be determined to have fun throughout the event.

Be prepared with some questions to ask. The main advantage that speed dating offers is that you will get to know a lot of people in a short amount of time. You can do this having some key questions handy and ready to ask. You can ask the same set of questions to each person or just go with the flow. Some typical questions you can ask are:

• What do you do for fun or in your spare time?

• Do you like to travel?

• What are you looking for in a potential partner?

• Where do you work?

Speed dating is a unique and fun way of meeting new people. If you want to get higher chances of meeting your perfect match in such events, you need to prepare well for them.

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