Tips For Growing Trees In Your Lawn

Patience is one of the important qualities you need to have when starting a lawn. You will have to wait for some time before you see the fruits of your labor: a healthy, green turf, some blossoming flowers, and of course, some trees starting to grow.

Unlike grass and plants, trees can take years to fully grow. They can be quite tricky to grow as well. Making sure you had a good start when planting a tree is a good way to ensure eventual success.

Below are some useful tips for when growing trees in your yard:

Choose the tree you want to plant carefully.

Put some thought into selecting the trees you want to have in your lawn. Assess your environment and choose a tree that thrives under these conditions. It is always best to pick a hardy, native tree since they usually have a high percentage of growing and surviving. If you’re having a hard time choosing the best variety of plant, you can always ask the local gardening pros for help with this.

Plant the trees properly.

Well-planted trees grow faster and are more likely to be healthy and robust than poorly planted ones. You can ensure you have a well-planted tree by planting them during spring or fall on a cool, windless, humid day. Make sure the hole is three times larger than the diameter of the tree’s root ball and blend in one part compost to three parts excavated soil for backfill. If the tree you will be planting is bare root, soak the roots the night before planting day.

Cover the newly planted tree with mulch.

Trees have no problems growing in forests. This is because the seeds are covered with a soft carpet of dead leaves — natural mulch layered over a tree’s root area for protection against cold and heat, provide moisture, and keep down weeds. The same condition will work when you are growing trees. Apply mulch regularly and when needed and do not sow grass beneath a young tree for a year or two so that there will be no competition for nutrients.

Keep your trees thoroughly hydrated.

According to gardening pros, even if you have a drought tolerant tree, you have to water it thoroughly and regularly for the first few years after planting. Upon planting, water the tree at low pressure immediately to settle the soil. Afterward, water the tree deeply whenever the soil is dry to promote deep, strong roots. During winter, make sure the tree starts the cold season properly irrigated. During warm, dry stretches, give your tree some much-needed water.

Do not prune young trees.

Finally, a new tree is trying to establish itself in a different location. Give it time to grow on its own. This means you have to limit pruning to the absolutely essential at first. Once the tree gets established, you can start trimming it.

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