My best friend is a liar.

My best friend Amy is a liar.

She told little lies growing up, simple ones like what she had done over the weekend, or that her brother was the one that stole the cookies.

I supposed in a way I had admired her, I admired how she could make her life seem so exciting compared to the dull reality of mine. Sometimes I believed her and I couldn’t believe it when I found out she was lying. Smack!

Her mother would hit her on the hand whenever she found out about the lies, but she never cried, not once. She stayed stoic, unfeeling, almost as if she didn’t care.

It’s Monday and Amy always meets me at my house so we can walk to school together, but she doesn’t turn up, which is odd. I end up getting a lift from my dad, as waiting for her has made me late.

The morning starts off normal, I presume that Amy is just unwell. Until second period when the teacher receives a phone call, I’m hauled out to the headteachers. I sit there as the head leaves to get someone and I’m sucking on a toffee and looking at all the school group photos on the wall.She comes back with Amy. Amy sits next to me and smiles. I’m confused.

The head looks at me “An incident has happened on Saturday, Amy say’s that while you were visiting her mother came in and got very angry and hit Amy” the head looks at me and raises her eyebrow. I had only been a Amy’s for about five minutes on Saturday and her mother wasn’t even there. I look at Amy my best friend,who is staring at me as if she’s asking me to help her and go along with it. My mouth is dry and the toffee is long gone, Amy is my best friend but she lies. Her lies have gone too far I see, and I don’t know why I ever believed them or admired her for them. I knew that for sometime she hadn’t been getting on with her mum, but this “No, Miss” I start and Amy’s pleading look turns into one of anger and judgement “I had only been there for a few minutes Miss and her mum hadn’t even been there” I continue, knowing I’ve lost my best mate.