Vote for Peace Corps for OpenStreetMap Awards!

Peace Corps is honored to be nominated for two global OpenStreetMap awards — one for the agency overall, and one for me, Peace Corps’ mapping program manager. Final voting opens up on September 3rd.

Since 2015, Peace Corps has supported 128 Peace Corps Volunteer and staff mapping projects, in addition to training 328 Volunteers and staff in the creation and use of geographic data. We have led the Peace Corps mapping community to contribute over 8 million open geographic data points to OSM by digitizing over 750,000 buildings and 110,000+ roads in strategic locations requested by the field. We’ve built a program to mobilize American students to map for Peace Corps projects around the world and led the charge to plan and implement this year’s White House Mapathon.

Here I am, training Peace Corps Volunteers and staff in the collection and analysis of geographic data for public health in Quelimane, Mozambique

It feels strange to ask for votes for myself, but honestly, none of this could have been accomplished without our partner organizations, our community of online mappers and Peace Corps Volunteers, staff and local counterparts. These awards also recognize their (your) tireless work. We would be honored to have your support and votes!

Vote Peace Corps for the Greatness in Mapping Award

Vote Courtney Clark for the Expanding the Community Award

Note: an OpenStreetMap account is required to vote. It’s super easy to sign up!

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