To the people who don’t belong.

When we were little we all had the dream of becoming a actress, dancer, singer, Doctor someone who could influence the world around them, but as we got older we realized just how far those dreams are and for some us they slowly changed into more reasonable world changing professions like a teacher, nurse or coach.

But some of us have decided we have an unwavering passion to Change the world just by living in it. We want to live and love and travel & spread kindness, but here we are still stuck in a never changing town going to college or working a minimum wage job while slowly wasting our prime world changing years away.

But hang in there please, we are the ones who will BE THE WORLD CHANGERS. We’re the dreamers, the adventurers, the few that know we’re capable of world altering works and we can’t be silenced, we are told to sit down and follow the rules, backward rules that oppress people and hold them back. STAND UP & when they tell you, you can’t do it run, run as fast as you can to an open door and make your impression on the world. It’s a beautiful thing to not belong in one place, so go all over this green earth and fight for the forgotten, the beaten, the poor and the oppressed. Because we’re the only ones who can change this world we live in.

Don’t blend in, be beautiful, be colorful, be spontaneous & Refuse to BELONG.

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