Read this Post Before Your Wife Hates You for Living the #Hustle Life
Ryan Hanley

This can happen in any industry.

I actually got into the online hustle because I felt ignored.

Mother Earth is seriously hard to compete with.

Her abundance is just as addicting as online marketing & content creation.

And the deadlines, the urgency, the all consuming creative overtaking is just as strong.

On first glance the real food hustle somehow feels more more noble, right?

I mean after all, he was feeding people.

But in the end it has the same pitfalls.

He not not only blames Vaynerchuk, but he blames you too.

Or at least he used…

Now he he quotes your

“Relationships before revenue.”

saying to me to get my goat.

It works.

Thanks Hanley.

You tipped the scales and won him with that.

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