Everything Looks Better through Rose-Colored Glasses.

Reflect away the winter blues, and welcome the new Spring Season with Ray Ban’s newest creation. Taking the accessory world by storm, these “reflective” or “flash lens” glasses by everyone’s favorite designer company are Spring’s hottest new trend. Offered in 7 different colors, including blue and rose, trendy teens and of-the-moment icons are falling in love with this new accessory. The classic aviator style paired with fun bright lenses add color and excitement to any Spring ensemble. Starting at $170, these glasses serve as an investment that provide daily protection from the extreme sun of Spring and Summer. Consumers may even choose to upgrade their lenses for a small $30 polarization fee.

As our surroundings sprout with life and color, the investment in “flash lens” glasses is a necessary move in order to match the welcome transitions of this new season. Whether one chooses rose, blue, green, or even yellow, everything looks better through “reflective” glasses. Protective and stylish, these sunglasses are a consumer-pleasing “must have.”

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