Death, the real estate agent

Strength is a liability,

Strength isn’t something that comes easily

Strength isn’t something you can fake,

And it’s what all those privileged motherfuckers want so badly but can’t take away…

Onions don’t make me cry,

Horseradish doesn’t bat an eye —

Lashes of sorrow and death a familiar friend

I felt her presence in the end

Everytime I think it’s the end…

It always begins again

I slept in Shira’s room to recover, I dreamt of the universe and death was there, like an old friend, she tried to entice me with sense not yet known but I felt the fear, and saw colors, felt feelings, and had forsaken my inferior earthling vessel. The storage unit of my life unraveled its door and exposed what I had never known, and it excited me, the familiarity terrified me— it was so warm, and sensational—the sounds I could hear, the colors I could see, the feelings I had not even quantified feeling for but always harbored, death was the realtor showing me around:

“Look Courtney! Look at this galaxy plan! You can’t make this shit up! Look at these colors, experience the sounds, and smells you can’t even dream of! You’ll forget everything you’ve ever known! You remember me right? We’ve met before, Courtney don’t be silly… We are close friends, you can’t fool me, I know you.”

Love your friend,


Licensed Realtor