6 WOC-Led Organizations Where Your Philanthropic Money Will Matter

Looking for an organization with a badass woman of color in leadership who is doing amazing things in fresh-thinking, dignity-restoring ways? Just as I thought. Here are just a few of the organizations my partner and I are donating to as we close out 2018. Join us?

Girls walk in Washington, DC. Photo credit: Alyscia Cunningham

Girl Trek: Every interaction I’ve had with leaders Morgan and Vanessa have convinced me that these two are not only joyful, beautiful friends and collaborators, but have impeccable integrity and laser focus on their very clear goal: to get 100,000 black women walking and change their health, and our nation, in the process.

Springboard to Opportunities: I worked with Aisha Nyandoro on a TED-style talk years ago and her voice, her story, and her vision have been on my mind ever since. Now she’s making history by doing one of the first basic income pilots of its kind in the U.S. — with single, black mothers in Mississippi. This is THE year to jump on the Springboard train. They are going places.

Thousand Currents: I love everything about how this organization not only does grant making, but communicates about what they do. They are trailblazers in honoring the way real change actually happens — ala adrienne maree brown’s Emergent Strategy rather than BHAGs and the like. If you’re looking for a global opportunity to have a real impact with deep respect for those with the expertise to actually make change in their communities, this is the way to go.

Girls for a Change: If you care about black girls getting access to power, and also learning tools for organizing the power they already have intrinsically, this is the organization for you. Angela Patton has been leading girls’ work for decades, unfailingly proceeding with a mindset that lets girls lead the agenda and build lifelong skills in the process. Angela’s leadership is holistic, tireless, and real.

Feminist Press: Jamia Wilson is the first ever black woman publisher of this long-standing publisher. I’ve known and collaborated with Jamia for years and can attest to her deeply relational, silo-busting style, her iron clad comittment to intersectional feminism, and her huge, open heart. She is doing amazing things with this historic press and deserves support to bring it into the future.

National Domestic Workers Alliance: Ai-Jen Poo is one of the most fearless, committed, gentle leaders I’ve ever come across. She’s managed to artfully create an organization that leverages star power (even Hollywood), while keeping domestic workers’ ideas and talents at the center of everything they do. As she argues in her recent TED talk, my money is on making change like a domestic worker. Their decentralized, inclusive, and innovative organizing is what the future looks like.