5 Traits of Moral Leadership
Jacqueline Novogratz

Thanks for writing this Jacqueline. As always, you offer a crystallization of something that’s sort of swimming around in the culture.

I was struck by your point about choice vs. meaning. As a freelancer, and someone who largely tries to exercise my moral leadership by writing/speaking, teaching others to do so, connecting, celebrating, I sometimes worry that my impact is too diffuse. I have committed myself to values much bigger than myself, but not one particular cause or organization or community. What are the losses of that? What are the gains? And how much of it is an evolving story of our times, where so many people don’t do one thing, but dance at the intersections of various issues/systems?

Your piece also made me think about the recent gathering focused on “maintainers” (as opposed to “innovators.” How much of moral leadership is about strategy, vision, visibility, and how much of it is about doing your job, whatever it might be, with integrity and excellence and kindness?

Thank you for sparking these questions in me…