Benefits of Timber House Construction over Concrete Construction

As opposed to the conventional stonework construction, timber house construction is light in weight which permits the building frame to warm up rapidly. In a house, where warming is irregular timber frame could bring more comfortable climate inside a home and it also saves energy.

Carbon Neutral Timber

Timber is a characteristic material and requires insignificant vitality to process it into a building material. Amid its development, timber retains carbon dioxide and stores the carbon in its cell filaments. When it is singed or decays away, the wood discharges an amount of carbon equivalent to the carbon it has officially assimilated through its lifetime, along these lines making it carbon nonpartisan.

Pre-assembled Timber Panels

Pre-assembled timber houses are produced as boards under manufacturing plant conditions then transported to the site for construction work. The timber boards are developed with timber studding and composite wood board materials, known as sheathing, which is nailed onto the outside of the timber casing to frame the inflexible board.


Timber framed garages and other structures have various benefits over the stone frame. Since the protection is consolidated inside the thickness of the edge, a more noteworthy thickness of protection can be given. An outside divider cavity is a bit much in timber surrounded house, the length of a suitable vapor control layer is consolidated on the warm side (in winter) of the protection.

Timber buildings are often regarded as more insulated structures than the RCC buildings. These days the timber used in the timber buildings comes with a waterproofing membrane and a plastic lining that acts as a natural insulation agent which can absorb low heat from the environment and keep the structure cooler even in the hot climate.

The design of the timber structure is as robust as the design of a concrete structure. Timber structures not only look more elegant and natural than the concrete structures, but at the same time, they also provide similar strength and durability to the building. Timber is absolutely safe to use and it can be easily molded when it requires giving a perfect shape to the design.

Speed of Construction

Timber structures can be developed significantly more quickly than the RCC structures because timbers can cut under quality controlled production line conditions. The nonattendance of wet exchanges inside outcomes in diminished drying out time.

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This article is written by Courtyard Designs Ltd team. Courtyard Designs Limited produces fine quality; traditional styled timber framed outbuildings, carefully crafted in oak garages and sympathetically designed to complement their surroundings.