sept 21 2016

I found some places to go to from a magazine I cant remember the name of.. it’s right around the corner but I’m too lazy right now whatever.

광고 언어의 힘 — 국립한글박물관 / Teamlabworld— 송파국

and some project spaces : 구슬모아 당구장 which is a project space for Daelim Museum of Art.

In 홍대 there a new poetry book store : Wit and Cynical 위트 앤 시니컬 around 신촌 기차역.

The design magazine had a special issue on book publishing so I snatched a couple cool people off the list whom I wouldve otherwise wouldn’t have known. that’s why we still need magazines. magazines are the best.

Book editors : Julia Hasting (Phaidon) meh. um — yeah the cool person who said focuses on affordability (phaidon cough nah) — is Sara De Bondt (co’ anthony Hadek)= Occasional Papers. maybe i’ll apply to work there heehee. speaking of applying for work

the bomb; 수류산방 korean independent publisher. sounds too cool. a book from them to check out is 삶과 예술은 경쟁하지 않는다. a publisher they recommended is 열화당.

and @ the beginning of the mag was 삐뽀레 Peopol’t ?? don’t remember… oh yeah it’s a creatives collective working on independent publications and apparel. i was intrigued.

some clothing brands that i thought of looking at were Charm’s, Ordinary People, Broken_Mansion (supposedly gender neutral and had broken image on ad ; bold or amateur), and Rekken shoes.