My College Concerns

For my second blog post I will be talking about my college concerns. A large concern of mine (and probably yours too) is college. What’s it gonna be like? What’s going to happen? Who am I going to meet? Is it going to be hard? What classes am I gonna take? All of these questions go through my head when I think about college. I will start off by saying this yes I am nervous. Yes I am scared about if it is going to be hard or not. Basically I’m scared in general. However I am also only a freshman in high school so all of those questions were going through my head before high school as well. Getting back to the topic, I worry most about my time. I’m still just a freshman in high school going into a college class with nothing but a middle school level knowledge that has been taught to me. you could say I’m pretty scared.

Time is the biggest worry of mine up to this point. Am I going to have enough time to finish my homework tonight? Do I have enough time to watch this TV show? Should I really be playing a game right now? Questions like that haunt me everyday. Most of all though I want time to hang out with my friends. Last year I had too much time and I didn’t know what to do with my time. Now it’s as if I don’t even have enough time to breathe. Between school, cross country, and homework I rarely have time to do anything. I really dread going into college because I know that it is going to have a lot more homework than high school. I also know that college is going to be somewhat easier in some aspects. I know that I can schedule my classes whenever I want them to be instead of just getting stuck with whatever a computer generates for me.Another concern I have is:what am I going to major in? My plan right now is to just make it through high school with A’s and the occasional B. After that is unknown to me. There are so many options. Plus with the college credit I am taking in high school by the time actual college rolls around I can hopefully just jump right into my major. Do you see my problem? I’m planning for the future but I don’t know what to prepare for. Also where am I going to go to college? I hope somewhere that I can get a good job after I graduate. Somewhere that fits my schedule and what I want to do. Finally probably one of your biggest concerns: money. Where am I going to get a job that will get me enough money to get through college?

How do you even apply for a job? All these questions that don’t have answers. I guess there’s only one way to get them. Try it all. See what you like, what you don’t like and go from there. Well that’s all the time I have for this blog I have more homework to do. I hope you enjoyed! Have a nice day!