Bi-Weekly Updates Vol.10

Welcome to the 10th Bi-weekly Updates of COVA. In this bi-weekly update, we will recap what we’ve done starting from Feb 11th to Feb 25th.


DApp SDK and DApp

We have been testing the fully functioning app built using COVA DApp SDK

Solved various DevOps issues regarding deployment of the app in China/Asia in general

Solved various app platform compatibility issues

Started working on a layer that could make it possible to deploy various anti-censorship measures due to privacy possible with a network of TEE nodes

COVA Network

Researched various distributed networks and started building COVA scalability layer

Writing tests to ensure that a single route node pool can support upto a million users


Our test deployment had some issues with stability, currently migrating new upgraded servers

Various bug fixes for the custodian system


DApp Coming Soon

COVA will be joining the release of its official partner DApp platform, LeParty (乐派) in March.

Based on COVA protocol, LeParty will be the world’s first native mobile DApp platform. It is created to bridge the gap between current DApp and traditional mobile app ecosystem. With various tools and infrasctures, LeParty is in the hope of encouraging developers to abandon out-dated user experience based web pages, instead creating more mobile native DApp.

In Version 1.0, LeParty will provide a mobile payment solution for the crypto community. Users can now transfer cryptos using only mobile phones, without knowing each other’s address. LeParty team and COVA believe that it will bring down the hurdle of holding cryptos.

We will share more information with our community later. Please stay tuned.