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Growing Data Breach

Due to the growing data breach, data privacy issues are getting more attention from people and government. Europe published GDPR in 2018, while other countries such as India and Brazil are also publishing data protection acts. In China, the nation people’s congress has listed the personal data protection act in the 2019 legislative work plan. In the rising awareness of protecting personal data, the questions remain as of how do we protect our data as individuals, and how do companies protect users’ data when developing applications?

Data Leaking Caused by System Security Issues

In the second decade of the 21st century, data storage and…

Recently, CovenantSQL co-founder & CTO Auxten Wang attended the 2018 China Software Technology Conference and delivered a speech titled “CovenantSQL, The Highly Available Database on the Internet”.

Presenter’s Profile

Auxten: CovenantSQL co-founder & CTO; Former Baidu Noah data transmission project leader, 360 operation and maintenance automation project leader; former 360 traffic guard, 360 Tianji project initiator.

Auxten has worked at elong and the Fourth Paradigm as technical director. He holds over 10-year experiences in infrastructure and system security related field.

The following is a summary of some of the speeches:

HA (High Available) levels

First of all, there are four levels I defined according to my…

CovenantSQL is a decentralized, crowdsourcing SQL database on blockchain with features:

  1. SQL: most SQL-92 support.
  2. Decentralized: decentralize with our consensus algorithm DH-RPC & Kayak.
  3. Privacy: access with granted permission and encryption pass.
  4. Immutable: query history in CovenantSQL is immutable and trackable.

We believe in the next Internet generation, everyone should have complete data rights

Here is how to start with CovenantSQL.

0. Download CovenantSQL Tools

Download latest release on Github.

1. Generate config file with cql-utils to connect TestNet

$ cql-utils -tool confgen Generating key pair... Enter master key(press Enter for default: ""): ⏎ Private key file: conf/private.key Public key's hex: 02296ea73240dcd69d2b3f1fb754c8debdf68c62147488abb10165428667ec8cbd Generated key pair. Generating nonce... nonce: {{731613648 0 0 0} 11…

Show Me The Code:

Author: Auxten Wang, Co-Founder of CovenantSQL

The idea of CovenantSQL rised in December 2017, in a cold windy day when Jing Mi came to have dinner with me in a BBQ restaurant. He brought me an interesting idea to build a SQL database on Blockchain. I was excited about this idea and decided immediately to quit my job and start this project.

Past Experiences with Database

I got to know about databases since I joined Baidu, one of the biggest internet companies in China. When I was working at Baidu, my proudest thing is to apply the idea of…

Covenant Labs

CovenantSQL is a SQL Database on Blockchain

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