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Presenter’s Profile

Auxten: CovenantSQL co-founder & CTO; Former Baidu Noah data transmission project leader, 360 operation and maintenance automation project leader; former 360 traffic guard, 360 Tianji project initiator.

HA (High Available) levels

First of all, there are four levels I defined according to my personal understanding of HA (high availability) database:

The root of data security issues

Regardless of the size of the companies, there is one common problem: your data is stored in IDC (Internet Data Centre). In this case, companies face several problems. The first is the developer’s dilemma. IDC cannot prove that the user’s data is properly stored and secured.

Current data storage solutions

Overall, with a centralized cloud database, data is always stored in a third-party database. Obvious benefits are that they can be synchronized, not easy to lose, whether it is PC or mobile, iOS or Android, even if the device is lost, as long as you log in, your data is always there. However, the problem is that the exposure is large and it is impossible to prove the data is safe with cloud, while the cost is high and the utilization rate is low. The current database of most small and medium-sized developers is relatively idle.

CovenantSQL: a wild database

Therefore, we built a database with the decentralized blockchain.

  • Algorithm autonomy & asymmetric encryption: guarantees that no data position can be located without authorization
  • Column-level access control, ETEE (end-to-end encryption), transport encryption, off-disk encryption
  • Read and write can be recorded and cannot be tampered with

Q & A

1. What are the conditions for database deployment, and what are the requirements for the network if deployed separately?



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