Introducing Coverstory, a picture book for News

New iOS app shows trending headlines with photos, videos, and minimal text

Coverstory on iOS.

SEATTLE — September 15, 2016 — Purple Labs has released Coverstory, an iOS app that simplifies and personalizes today’s biggest news. The app shows news as “Covers” with headlines superimposed on vivid imagery, much like the front page of a magazine.

Users can scan Covers to absorb headlines, or open any Cover to see more. A quick swipe reveals a brief story, photos, and videos of news unfolding. Fresh Covers appear as news is reported, and old Covers disappear after 24 hours.

“Our mission at Coverstory is to reduce the time we spend on news,” says Sunil Acharya, founder at Coverstory and former Head of Product at Amazon Launchpad. “Social media has evolved to reflect our fast-paced, mobile lives, but news is still published as a body of digitized print. Coverstory makes rich media as prominent as text so that users can absorb news quickly and get on with their day.”

Coverstory is available for download on the Apple App Store.

Coverstory logo.

App features

Topical news: Users can view the most popular news first on Coverstory. Covers are filtered based on several factors, including the number of publications reporting the topic in the last 24 hours and the volume of related Twitter activity.

Prominent Tweets: The story section of each Cover displays the most prominent Tweets, including photos and videos, related to the news. Tweets from witnesses, stakeholders, and media outlets provide diverse insights and let users experience news in real time.

Personalized stream: Users can follow categories to make their Cover feed unique and engaging. Current categories include Business, Entertainment, Finance, Politics, Sports,Technology, United States, and World.

About Purple Labs

Purple Labs is a team of ex-Amazon and ex-Microsoft employees based in the vibrant downtown of Seattle, WA. The company was founded in 2016. Coverstory is the first product released by Purple Labs with the intent to simplify news.

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