Coversure Acocks Green’s Truck Insurance Guide: 2017

As a truck driver, you are always on the road and facing the daily dangers that driving brings, so making sure you have the right insurance is extremely important. Not having the appropriate level of truck or HGV insurance — or worse, being underinsured — can leave you in a really difficult position should you need to make a claim. Coversure understand the needs of truck owners and to help you get the right insurance we’ve put together this short guide to truck cover. In it you’ll find tips on getting the right cover as well as some insider’s tips on how to save money on your truck quote.

What truck insurance do you need?

The type of cover you need will depend on a number of factors and these need to be considered when looking for the best deal on your truck insurance.

  • The nature of your truck business — a haulier will have different needs from a removal firm, for example.
  • Whether you use your trucks for paid work or not — if you are a haulier and you use your trucks for carrying other people’s goods for money, your truck insurance needs will be different from someone who is just using them to carrying their own goods.
  • Where you drive your trucks — if you drive in Europe you’ll need European truck insurance cover.
  • The size of your trucks — truck insurance can cater for everything from a 2-tonne flatbed to a 44-tonne artic.

Another important factor is the amount of trucks, HGVs or lorries you have. If you have more than one truck you might want to consider truck fleet cover, which is normally cheaper and easier to manage than having multiple truck policies. We shall look at truck fleet cover in more detail later in this guide.

What are the options?

Like most motor policies, truck cover comes with a range of options and extras. Below are some of the truck insurance options that you may want to consider for your vehicle, some of these will come included in your truck policy so make sure you ask your insurer to see what you are already covered for. Truck insurance options you may need, include:

  • Standard truck insurance (single vehicle)
  • Fleet insurance (2+ vehicles)
  • Goods in transit insurance
  • Public liability insurance
  • Excess protection insurance
  • Breakdown cover
  • European truck cover

Most truck policies will include at least some of these extra covers — such as goods in transit insurance and public liability insurance — but adding extra cover such as breakdown insurance can be important in the event of an incident. Breaking down in a 44-tonne truck is no joke; as well as costing you money while it’s inoperative, standard recovery services may not be able to help you get back on the road so it’s a cover that’s well worth considering. If you operate in Europe you will also want to make sure your trucks are covered for European driving, so make sure you ask you speak to Coversure Acocks Green if you are concerned that your cover isn’t enough.

What can it cover?

Truck insurance can cover a surprisingly wide range of types involved in a wide range of activities. This means no matter what kind of truck you drive you can still be protected, below are a few examples of the types of vehicles that our insurance can cover:

  • Trucks, lorries and HGVs
  • Cement mixers
  • Bulk carriers
  • Flatbeds
  • Horseboxes
  • Refrigerated lorries and vans
  • Removals vans

If your type isn’t listed here, give us a call on 0121 439 5266 and we will try and help you find cover for your vehicle.

Truck fleet cover

If you have more than one vehicle you should consider truck fleet cover. Truck fleet cover allows you to have any amount of trucks — from as few 2 — on a single policy. This can bring huge advantages such as:

  • Reduced cost-per-truck premiums
  • Reduced administration
  • Greater flexibility in terms of drivers
  • Affordable cover for young drivers and those with poor claims records

Like some more help?

We hope you have found this article helpful, and that it has given you a better understanding of truck insurance. If you would like any further assistance or if you would like to get a no-obligation quote, then please call us on 0121 439 5266 or email us by clicking here, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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