3D Embroidery, or Puff Embroidery on Caps is not only profitable, it’s VERY profitable when you use a multihead commercial embroidery machine like the Avancé 1504 from ColDesi.

Most professional embroidery machines can accomplish doing puffy or 3D embroidery on caps or flats. This technique is a kind of applique where you typically sew out your base design in one color, which operates almost as a drop shadow when complete, then you tape or adhere the 3D Foam across the cap before applying your top stitches. (You’ll get best results if you choose a color foam that matches the top thread color.) After that top stitching is done simply tear off the remainder foam like you would a tear-a-way backing.

You can see how efficient a multi-head embroidery machine is for a job like this. It is literally almost 4 times more productive than a single head. Set up time is the same. For example, if it took 12 minutes to sew one cap with a 3D design on a single head, it would take you 12 minutes to embroidery FOUR caps on a 4 head. With the low entry cost of the Avance 1504, it makes a lot of financial sense to look into a multi-head vs. a single head embroidery machine.

Learn more at http://www.avance-emb.com

To add 3D Puff or 3D Fonts to your existing commercial embroidery business visit http://www.http://colmanandcompany.com/

For technical support and training on DTG Printers, SWF or Avance Commercial Embroidery machines, the CAMS Rhinestone Machine on the ProSpangle Bling machine visit: http://support.coldesi.com

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