Dear COVEX Users,

In order to enhance the user trading experience, COVEX will upgrade spot trading on the platform. COVEX's new platform will introduce a much more advanced engine for its users. Users can able to use a new trading platform on 15th September 2020, 13:15 GMT. The upgrades are as follows:

1.Spot Trading new functions:

1. IOC/Kill or Fill

2. Trailing Stop Loss

3. Trailing Stop Limit.

2. COVEX Token:
COVEX Team has decided that COVEX Token will be available trading but all old ERC223 COVEX tokens which were distributed will be swapped to new ERC20. Please kindly wait for further announcements for the swap & trading date will be announced on the 13th of September 2020.

3. Referral Bonus: This option will be activated to COVEX Token holders.

Thank you for the Support!

The COVEX Team.

Dear CoVEX Users,

CoVEX extends the gratitude to announce the upcoming great project going to be listed in our trading platform. Jobchain is now available on CoVEX platform. Trading pair includes BTC/Jobchain/ETH.

Please take note of the following schedule:

1. Deposits: 11/09/2019

2. Trading: 21/09/2019

3. Withdrawal: 11/09/2019

About Job…


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