Maintaining Trade Discipline in Crypto

Sep 6, 2019 · 2 min read

As a trader you are bound to be disciplined, We emphasize it. Unlike any business, trading is also the same there is no difference. If you are not sticking to your rules then you will lose money, you will make money in one trade or other. But you have to make money each and every month, year and decade that is what consistent is. Consistency is key in any business and if you abide by your rules then you will be consistent if not you will lose.

· Marinating a Journal and write it down each and every trade with fine detail if not record a video or audio.

· Keep telling yourself if the market is doing this then I will enter, if the market is not doing this I will ignore and look for other opportunities.

· Don’t force your opinion to take the trade if the trade opportunity is not in sync with your rules, wait for the one which will give you a high probability trade and sync with your rules.

· Sometimes you will know that you are taking an unnecessary trade because you are attached to that trade. If you take that trade and result in a loss then you will feel sad about it and when you are waiting for another opportunity the emotional barrier which you had with the previous take will take control on this trade which is satisfying your rules.

· You need to be strict with your rules and wait for your turn.

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