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The World Health Organisation has declared the spread of novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV/COVID-19) a global emergency, following its appearance in China late last year. As of February 12, over 45 000 cases and 1,100 deaths have been confirmed in mainland China alone, surpassing the toll from the SARS epidemic of 2002–3.

New cases are being identified each day across 25 other countries, including Australia, which currently has 15 known cases. The Australian Government has recently implemented strict travel restrictions and self-imposed quarantine for all travellers, coming from mainland China.

Perhaps the most alarming aspect of the Coronavirus outbreak is how little is still known about the nature of the disease. It is too early to determine how deadly the virus is, how the virus actually spreads and whether an infected person is contagious before showing symptoms. …

girl wears mask to protect herself from bushfire smoke
girl wears mask to protect herself from bushfire smoke

The devastating 2019–20 Australian bushfires continue to rage on, with at least 28 recorded deaths nationally. Hundreds of structures have been destroyed and millions of animals and livestock have perished. Unfortunately, there is no end in sight, with experts warning the fires could could continue for months.

Thousands of Australians have been evacuated from their homes and displaced due to the severity of the fires, with many experiencing unforgettable death, destruction and loss.

In response, the Australian government has pledged $76 million dollars to assist with treating the emotional trauma these fires have caused. …

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WebRTC video technology is the jewel in the HTML5 video conferencing crown. Sessions are fully encrypted, run entirely within the browser and can be accessed by any modern device including smartphones, iPads, and Tablets. WebRTC is the most secure video technology available today.

The simplicity of URL based video allows WebRTC to be accessible from any device on basically all modern browsers (MS Edge is about to join the club of WebRTC 1.0 standard supporting browsers).

WebRTC is a great technology when you have a modern device, a modern browser, and a great internet connection. When things go wrong, however, there are many parameters that could be an issue. Video conferencing is a distributed application and one of the most difficult digital applications to get 100% reliable because as an application provider, most variables are out of our control. …

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