I know that things are going badly here, with Brexit and four Prime Ministers in a row who weren’t…
Jonathan Kemp

Our government is like that now and it has been in the past, but it hasn’t always been so. We know something is horribly wrong, we just don’t know how to get out of it, and are struggling like a wild animal in a trap. The last time we escaped the Gilded Age thanks to a worldwide depression and “a third of the nation ill-housed, ill-clad, and ill-nourished”, plus a really big war that enabled us to spend ourselves into prosperity. The first is ameliorated and the second, we hope, unavailable.

Still, there is hope. Democracy always seems more brittle than it turns out to be. India, after all, had a government that tried to impose far worse conditions than these, and yet allowed itself to be quietly voted out of office. We ourselves were sufficiently frightened by the Declaratory Act 1766 to fight a ware to escape what looked like the destruction of representative government on these shores. Your government allows a few hundred people to make a permanent and unreviewable change to any part of the law.