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Plant seeds while making soil block

I’ve been trying out soil blocks this year and so far its been working well. For my most recent seed starting I thought I’d try out a muffin tin. While experimenting with it I thought —

Why not plant the seeds while making them?

Usually you make the blocks and plant into a small hole on the top then add some soil to cover. Or you may push small seeds in with a toothpick after. But it seemed like it could all be done at once and I’d get perfect depth and seed to soil contact.

I cut out some yogurt lids to fit in the bottom so that I’d be sure it wouldn’t stick when it came out. Then I put a thin layer of soil (according to instructions on seed package; in this case 1/8") on bottom, sprinkled the seeds in, then made the soil block like usual.

I flipped them out onto an old cookie sheet. I put a clear plastic dome over and put them under the lights. It worked!

Try it out! Let me know what you think.

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