Trump’s Audio Tape Leak…

I think it was unethical for the Washington Post to leak the tape. However, I feel that Donald Trump kinda deserves to have his words shoved up his ass and blow up in his face. I mean after all the inferred commentary about Bill cheating on Hillary or name calling the wives of Cruz and Bush; TRUMP deserves it.

There’s just something with Donald and women (married or otherwise). He either bashes them or wants to sleep with them.

I have been apart of a few productions where we use wireless microphones. Sometimes the actors and actresses don’t care that they are mic’d and just say whatever they want. They are in a private conversation that shouldn’t be recorded or shared. The same case with Donald. The Washington Post should not have released the tape. Donald Trump should not have said it either. Also if it was any other candidate, I would say it’s wrong. But it was Donald who said it and ultimately it was recorded then released. So what can you do in this situation other than laugh about it?

Donald Trump thought he was invincible and he still thinks nothing can stop him. That’s why he deserves this. Because he’s asking for it, daring someone to destroy his campaign.

An analogy would be if someone is taunting you, daring you to punch him in the face. So you punch him in the face, knowing it would hurt him…. Can others really blame you for punching him?

Cowin PoonTORONTO 2016