Exploring “Coworking Milan” @ Atabaliba

Atabaliba entrance

Oh Milan, we are not done with you yet! On that first day of our journey, we headed to Porta Garibaldi, exploring the charming neighborhood leading us to Dario, the founder and owner of Atabaliba.

We heard about Atabaliba via members we know in the Rainmaking Loft Berlin who rented the meeting room twice there when they traveled to Milan. They connected us to Dario via email and we immediately “clicked”.

Behind Atabaliba’s entrance door, we were surprised to discover a cozy coworking space (15 people are working from there) with an extremely friendly community. 15 like-minded people from the creative world. They are designers, developers, illustrators and they make the creative spirit of Atabaliba.

Dario gave us a tour of the space which is composed of 3 rooms (2 upstairs and 1 downstairs) where people work and one meeting room (downstairs as well).

View from the entrance door

We told him everything about COWORKIES and he immediately liked the idea. Our meeting was all about sharing and we were glad to hear and understand more about what is Atabaliba. We understood that for Dario, Atabaliba is not just a coworking space. He grew up in this street, knows the area by heart and loved it so much that he decided to find an office he could then open to coworkers. This is how Atabaliba was born.

Good news for us was that he agreed to become one of our partners ❤

To celebrate, we followed him eyes closed, to a very cool place next door called Deus cafe a restaurant all about motorbikes (highly recommended by the COWORKIES team).

The bar @Deus Cafe

Before ending our meeting, we could not resist to take out that selfie stick of ours :) Check our happy smiles!

Thanks again Dario for your warm welcome and for your time and see you soon on COWORKIES !

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