8 Reasons To Move To Bansko

The old town of Bansko
  1. Optimize your taxes and living expenses

How about paying 10% taxes? Don’t work for your government, work for yourself. Setting up a company and Bulgarian residence takes a little bit of research but once you do it you will have more freedom to choose how to invest and spend your own money. Here, you can leave comfortably with as low as €600 per month. You can spend that extra cash on more plane tickets.

2. Join an international community

An international community and a local experience. You can have the best of both worlds in Bansko. More and more digital nomads and expats are making this small Bulgarian town their home base. Traveling is all meeting people and having authentic experiences. Ride the slowest Bulgarian train, try banitsa (pastry with cheese) or tripe soup (if you are feeling adventurous), learn and practice some Bulgaria, feel the spirit of the houses in the old town, discover the local art and crafts. And make friends from all over the world.

3. Cowork in the mountains

Everybody takes selfies with their laptop on the beach. Do something new and try this from the top of a mountain. There are a lot of coworking spaces by a beach. Very few are near a mountain. In Bansko, you can cowork and hike not one but three mountains. Plus, the beach in Greece is only two hours away, in case you start to miss it.

4. Ski, snowboard, or get plenty of sunshine

Bansko is famous as a budget ski and snowboard resort but very few tourists explore it in the summer where there are also plenty of adventures like hiking, horseback riding, water sliding. On average, 300 out of 365 days in the year are sunny here (compared to 60 out of 365 in England). In winter, temperatures can be as low as -17C degrees but in April it starts to get so warm you can ski in your T-shirt.

5. Eat out and party on a shoestring budget

If you are alone, eating out is actually cheaper than cooking at home. Even if you are on a budget, you can still afford to eat out every day and take advantage of the lunch menu at the local restaurants. A filling main course can be as inexpensive as €2. Drinks and cocktails vary from €2 to €5 on average. Every now and then being in the comfort zone is great.

6. Meet your future co-founder, client, partner, or come up with your next big business idea

Jurgen and Ricardo met and set up Coliving Bulgaria. Julien met his girlfriend. Irina and Bryan started working on an app together. Anna received a lot of support from the community for a crowd-funding campaign for her book and found a new client here. None of them expected this to happen. You can’t predict how Bansko will influence your life.

7. Get some of the fastest Internet

Bulgaria is famous for its blazing Internet and you can find that even in a small mountain town like Bansko. You won’t experience interruptions during a video call or when you have to finish an important project. Yes to 5G and a symmetrical Internet connection.

8. Learn more about the culture and history of Bulgaria

Bansko is a touristic town but if you stay away from the tourist (gondola) area, you can have an authentic (and cheaper) experience. The old town tells the story of the many talented architects from the past and entrepreneurs who were trading with Asia and Europe. Some restaurants in this area are renovated old houses still carry the spirit of the traditional Bulgarian hospitality.

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