Bansko: Mountain destination for digital nomads

Hey, digital nomads.

Choosing the next work&travel destination is a hard thing to do, and winter seems to make that question even more complicated. But how about a picturesque mountain place with more than just a pinch of international vibe in the air? We mean Bansko, Bulgaria’s most popular ski resort and also a low-cost alternative to anyone who wants to make a living out of the box.

Uwe, Matthias and Irina turn Bansko into a home for digital nomads and freelancers

Under the rocky skyline of Mt Pirin, Bansko has blended authenticity with modernity into a lifestyle far beyond skiing. And far away from the daily grind of urban noise, traffic jams, and stressful situations. With all benefits of living close to nature, Bansko is still big enough to keep you entertained and productive. The resort’s cultural life is also a big draw for visitors, as there are many free-entrance events, including music festivals in the summer.

Located 160 km south from Sofia, Bulgaria’s capital, the resort is not an exception when it comes to quality of life, safety, and creative opportunities. The constant flow of people has uplifted Bansko from skiers’ hangout on the Eastern edge of Europe to a promising haven for travel-inspired enthusiasts and technology professionals.

Yes, you can try winter sports (75 km pistes), or go hiking in the summer to the highest point — a marble peak called Vihren (2914 m), but Bansko has a lot more to offer. Some of its advantages include:

  • Variety of affordable properties to rent — from Airbnb studios and family houses to luxury 5-star hotels
  • Delicious and healthy traditional food
  • Old-style architecture and museums — the town is walkable
  • Great nature, including mountain lakes and moraines — this is the Pirin Natural Park protected by UNESCO
  • Sports, leisure and recreation activities
  • Easily reachable by car (approx. 2 hours) and bus from Sofia

It is worth considering this destination, as it ticks a lot of boxes on the list of expectations. Although prices are higher in the winter, Bansko is still a reasonable alternative for people accustomed to Western prices.

And still, why Bansko? Let’s get straight to the point. A community of location independent entrepreneurs and freelancers has begun to emerge there. Many are drawn here for the ambiance, nature and business opportunities.

Learn and share from like minded people

This could be the place for you to meet easygoing local friends, up-and-coming partners, and eventually, achieve better results and more satisfaction of your work. And now you have another reason to do so.

Bansko’s first coworking space has opened doors to nest people with entrepreneurial spirit and innovative ideas from all over the world. Founded by a group of digital nomads, Coworking Bansko is located in a cozy house in the town center, with lots of nearby restaurants, pubs, and shops. It has 18 workstations, as well as a separate event room, telephone cabin, kitchen and a coffee/tea flatrate. And a 100 MBit internet connection.

If you want to work&travel in the mountains, get inspired and collaborate with wonderful people, keep in mind that we are looking forward to welcoming you. Find us in the center of Bansko, at 2 Toma Vishanov Str.

While Bulgaria is an inexpensive option for many foreign tourists, for digital nomads it can be a great European escape from the mundane Nine-to-Five. Moreover, the country has a booming IT industry and Bansko has a bunch of unexploited opportunities for you to try on. In our future posts, we will explain why this resort should become a hub for business opportunities.

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