Coworking Bansko — A Travelers Perspective

Located on the foot of the Pirin Mountains, with an elevation of 927 meters, Bansko is a perfect place to escape to, or maybe even settle down. While Bansko is known for it’s winter Ski Resorts, tourism is rising all year round with the availability of epic hiking trails, natural hot springs, gondola rides and rafting excursions. Plus, Bansko is home to a newly established coworking space that attracts digital nomads and location independent travelers from all over the world.

Cat exploring Bansko

When I arrived in Bansko, I had absolutely no idea what to expect. Except the mountains of course! What I didn’t know, is that I was about to experience something entirely new to me, a coworking space.

Coworking is a new concept that has grown exponentially over the past few years with the rise of online businesses, entrepreneurship and location independent employees. The coworking space is an office-like environment where you can easily get your work done using high speed Internet and comfortable desk space.

While there are a few coworking spaces scattered in various locations around the world, Coworking Bansko intuitively chose to be the first space located in the mountains. This allows members to maintain a healthy work life balance with a never-ending list of outdoor activities to choose from.

It gets even better. Beyond the conveniences of the office space and the fantastic location, Coworking Bansko has built a community of people, with different backgrounds and unique talents. This naturally creates a space that offers group support for those looking for some inspiration, both in business and in life. Plus, there’s no shortage of guest speakers, talks and social events that keep everybody smiling.

Whether your skiing down the slopes, hiking in the mountains, or relaxing in the hot springs, Bansko is an all year round hit and Coworking Bansko just added something fresh to the list of reasons to go there.

On behalf of Jack and myself, we thank everyone at Coworking Bansko for accepting us into your community and inspiring us along the way!

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