How any non-EU citizen can become a resident in Bansko, Bulgaria

It is really easy to become a tax resident in Bulgaria for EU citizens. Anna did a great write-up about this a few months ago.
But we have more and more non Europeans coming to Coworking Bansko and asking us on how to stay in Bulgaria for more than 90 days with a long-term visa. So here is the solution as proposed by our favorite lawyer Eftim Eftimov: Become a trade representative of your foreign company to get a long term residency permit.

Ryan and Eftim figuring out residence permit situation at Coworking Bansko

How does this work?

1) You need to have a foreign company that sends you to Bulgaria as a trade representative. The foreign company doesn’t need to have any revenue or staff, just needs to be “in good standing”. It can be your own company. And if you don’t have one yet, how about becoming an eResident in Estonia?

2) And you need to have a notarized long term rental contract for an apartment where you plan to live. We can introduce you to some people that will rent you one for around €150 per month. Or you buy an apartment in Bansko for below €10k.

3) Talk to Eftim or another lawyer to register yourself as a trade representative. This one-time procedure requires collection of some documents, takes about 2–3 months and will cost you about €800–€1000

4) After the registration, you can apply for a D visa at the Bulagrian embassy in your home country, which will be valid for six months. 
At expiration of this visa you will get a one-year residence permit from the closest Foreigner Control office in Bulgaria. Annual cost about €450 for the visa, plastic card and mandatory emergency health insurance.

5) Optional: And if you stay longer than 6 months per year in Bulgaria, then you can also apply for tax residency to pay 10% flat tax on all your foreign income here instead of your home country.

That’s it. Enjoy your new life in Bansko :-)

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