Why you should bootstrap your location independent Freelance business in Bansko

Leaving your job and starting your freelance career can be scary at first, but no worries, many have done it before you. Here are a few reason why using Bansko in Bulgaria as your base is a great choice.

10% Income Tax

When you run your own business you will find out that there is a huge difference between your gross billings and your actual net earnings. So optimizing income tax, legally(!), can make a big difference. 
Bulgaria has the lowest income tax in Europe: A 10% flat rate. This leaves a lot of money in your pocket at the end of the month.

Distraction Free, Healthy Mountain Environment

Living in a city adds a lot of distractions when you start your business. Being stuck in traffic, bad air quality, constant noise and all the other BS in a city environment is not good for us. There is mounting academic research that cities are bad for our mental health
When you spend your time in Bansko your life is stress-free, plus you are surrounded by mountains and forests which further improve your health.

Weclome to the Pirin mountains

Low Cost of Living

Bansko offers amazing real estate deals starting around 150 Euro to rent a studio and you can even buy an apartment under 10k. Combine this with 3 Euro lunches and your cost of living is among the most affordable places in Euro. A lot of people even compare it to Chiang Mai, a low cost location in Asia. We did a quick survey among the members at the coworking space and most reported total monthly budget between 500 Euro and 750 Euro for a comfortable life in Bansko.

Inside the EU, so No Visa Hassle

Bulgaria is part of the European Union, so for Europeans there are no restrictions on residency. Really easy to register as outlined here.
And if you are form outside Europe, then it is also possible to get a residence permit for Bulgaria with the help of a local lawyer.
And if you want to stay only temporarily in Bulgaria, then most countries will get a 90 day visa free entry. And Bulgaria is not within the Schengen Zone, so anytime there wont be counted against your Schengen visa.

Great Location as a Base

Bansko is about 2 hours away from Sofia, which is a major base for low cost airlines Wizzair and Ryanair. So cheap flights to all over Europe. 
If you drive south from Bansko then you will be in 2.5 hours on the Greek beaches of Kavala, which is one of a favorite weekend trips. And then of course you can also reach Plovdiv in about 2 hours, a mid sized town with lots of coffee shops, art galleries and host of the European Capital of Culture in 2019.
There are also lots of other daytrip destinations around Bansko like the Velingrad area with lots of spas and hotsprings, the quaint town of Gotse Delchev and of course the Melnik wineyards.

Sharing experiences

Most Important: Supportive Community

At Coworking Bansko you will not only find the office infrastructure to be productive, but you will meet a diverse group of like minded people that will openly share their experiences with you in a safe environment. In a combination of structured events like our Business Challenge, Showtime or Freelance Weekend and unstructured serendipity your business will thrive. And soon you will be mentoring the next generation of freelance entrepreneurs yourself.

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