The Avengers Mansion in Kabul

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We all know the avengers, a team of fictional superheroes working together to make the world a safer place. Each one of the superheroes were individually fighting isolated for the same cause. After many years of their struggle, they realized the importance of getting together to fight for a greater cause.

In Afghanistan, we don’t have fictional superheroes, but we do have real-life heroes who try to contribute to a better Afghanistan and to the social and economical improvements and the well-being of the country. The energy and courage exists with a high caliber. Therefore, we at CoWorthy wanted to multiply their efforts and power and for that we had to build an ecosystem where they can become the avengers of Afghanistan.

We built an avenger like mansion called CoWorthy for all these change makers where they can get together and solve bigger problems jointly. CoWorthy is a co-working space that provide affordable and secure workplace, fast internet, refreshments and all other necessary support to help social entrepreneurs and businesses excel at what they do best.

Surprisingly, within two months; we are already seeing great results. We did not only succeed in providing an affordable coworking space for these brilliant minds but we also enabled them to connect with each other, exchange business ideas, and even build new ventures that can solve greater problems.

We at CoWorthy, might not have WonderWoman who can fight social injustice but we do have “Charmaghz”. A mobile library operating from CoWorthy which is trying to eradicate roots of violence, conflicts and fights by working for the Afghan children. We have “Green Circle” a local NGO which doesn’t have the “Thor’s hammer” but they fight against global warming, pollution and they help raise awareness throughout the country.

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In addition to social work, we also have examples of people that get together to solve business problems. For example, a local company “WeNet” built by two of the CoWorthy members with a mission to make internet affordable for businesses and households in Afghanistan. There are many more examples of businesses that were born at CoWorthy. For instance, Tamveel a crowdfunding platform that helps startups collect funds in and outside of Afghanistan, 786+ that helps the public find authentic and genuine doctors through their smartphone application and many more.

At CoWorthy, we believe in collaboration and joint-work. We are the “Avengers Mansion” for bright mindsets and people that are contributing to a sustainable Afghanistan.

Join CoWorthy and become one of the avengers of our town! Connect with us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/coworthy

Writers: Sher Shah Rahim, Matiullah Rahmaty

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We are a space where brilliant ideas get together to develop solutions and put the first step to start a sustainable business in Afghanistan.

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