Cowrium: Leveraging the wonders of Blockchain technology.

Stay safe, stay home, stay clear, stay alive, these and many more are the precautions preached during the COVID 19 saga, what about staying rich, staying informed and staying financially free?

God sparing our lives, we will all outlive the pandemic, one of the best things you can do for your future is to invest by acquiring your cowrie coin, the Cowrium project stands out with a promising future ahead.

When the first cryptocurrency came around in 2008 those who were skeptical then are now the preachers of the wonders of the block chain technology, those who embarked then are now happy they did, a thousand and one Crypto exist, the cowrie coin distinguishes itself from others with it dynamic features.

The cowrie coin can be transferred and can be received in local currencies through the DAPP known as ErrandBoy, no other crypto has anything close to that, the most interesting part is that you could get a profit twice your investment, yes a 200% ROI on Exchange Market Entrant. However, only those who start will become star.

To know more or to buy CWR tokens in the ICO, visit

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