Content Marketing: The thrifty answer to reach your target audience

The lure of the internet and the treasures that abound within its portals is all too potent. How can one resist the inexplicable attraction of videos, the constant draw of websites and blogs, and the inherent voyeurism of social media apps! What’s more, now that we’ve had a good taste of the action, we are captive to it for all time to come — even at the cost of a good night’s sleep!

Content marketing is supplementing marketing strategies and in fact strengthens campaigns further.

Now, with brands constantly on the lookout for more ways to increase engagement and interact with their target audience, they’ve readily embraced content marketing, and have set it to work for them. Read on for more details!

What identity crisis?

Content Marketing lets your company connect with your audience in a way unlike any other! It allows brands to come out of their self-imposed prisons and truly express themselves. Thereby, it gives them the rare and much needed opportunity to expand on their logo, their tagline and the identity they’ve created. As such, it can add character, help colour in the lines, create a personality for the brand — not to mention a ‘real’, tangible human element that users can almost touch, and feel as one with the world with.

Content marketing allows a brand to express themselves, their ideology and how their perception. Furthermore, the audience are able to better relate with the brand when they have online presence.

Thinkcredible you!

The more the merrier is what we say about Content Marketing! And to this end, more content allows you to include more topics, which in turn enables your website or blog appear more often on search engines for a varied selection of queries. Besides, including more top notch content will ensure that search engines show you higher up in the search results page.

More the quality content your brand has online, better the SEO ranking. Writing and developing content around subjects of your expertise can help you or your become an influencer in the field.

In addition, having more content on a subject or industry only highlights your expertise and in depth knowledge of the field. This can substantially strengthen your brand and how it’s perceived by your target market.

It’s a non-sell-ebration
Content Marketing bestows users with the almost singular opportunity to engage with the brand in ‘non-sell mode, and there’s lot to be said for an opportunity to get through to a customer or potential customer when they think they are not being subjected to marketing material. In such cases, customers are less repulsed by your seemingly innocent content and are more likely to let their defences down and be more influenced by what you’re conveying.

Content marketing is the most subtlest form of selling. You are directly not pushing your product or service in the audience’s face. In fact, you are giving them a fair chance to understand the brand and then make a buying decision.

Penny pincher’s paradise

To round it all up, Content Marketing costs nothing, or next to nothing (especially when compared to other means of promotions!). If done strategically, you can reach out to your target audience wherever he or she is in a non-intrusive, inexpensive manner. Besides, this inexpensive aspect lends itself to repeat efforts, suitably delivering that philosopher’s stone that is top of mind recall!

Most content marketing strategies cost next to nothing and are done organically. This helps cut down on your marketing budget drastically and ensures you get quality audience as well.

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