Dipstick surveys at coworking spaces act as product pilots for organisations

Little did you know that the humble, and by now, expansive survey could be raised to almost inestimable heights when transformed from its baser, ho-hum, garden variety, bog standard form into the gleaming and all-round more wholesome avatar of a dipstick survey! Heck, we’d even go as far as to say that when compared to other surveys, the dipstick test stands alone in terms of the quality of information gathered. This is primarily borne out of the fact that this survey presents respondents with only open ended questions, allowing them the freedom, and indeed the opportunity to put forth their points of view in a wholly unrestricted and ungoverned manner.

Coworking spaces give startups and organisations the liberty to run a pilot of their product or service on a diverse audience. This helps fix glitches before the actual launch.

Now, the advantages of this type of survey could be significantly enhanced when combined with the prospect of being carried out at a coworking space! Find yourself scratching your head a little more than usual as to what we’re on about? Fret no more, for we’ll soon put you out of your misery, as detailed by the points that follow.

Real views

As previously mentioned, unlike most other surveys which lead the survey taker along the garden path, epitomised primarily by the type of questions and the nature of queries, dipstick surveys by their very nature are made up of only open ended questions, which can effectively provide you with a wide, comprehensive and ‘uncurated’ set of opinions.

Unlike other surveys, a dipstick survey doesn’t keep responses restricted to multiple choice answers. The respondent is allowed to express their thoughts about the product or service.

This exercise could potentially be disastrous if conducted at a larger more general scale, as you wouldn’t quite know how to collate the data, let alone utilise this huge mountain of information effectively. At a shared office space, however, this being a much smaller, eager and highly dynamic ‘chomping at the bit’ sort of universe, you are more likely to get focused and concise information, which can then be leveraged and employed to great effect.


There’s no denying it, you meet all sorts at a shared workspace! And as such, they provide a fair representation of the society at large. Therefore, you’re sure to encounter a wide spectrum of people, who when presented with your dipstick survey, will provide you with a whole host of varied, not to mention, invaluable bits of data. Think your product or service is more niche? Well, then you’re more likely to find your target market at a coworking office space as well. So keep your dipstick surveys at the ready, and be primed to dish them out at a collaborative workspaces, pronto!

The modern workforce doesn’t hold back when it comes to expressing their opinions. You are sure to receive a diverse and valuable feedback when you do a dipstick survey at a coworking space.

In the business of business

It may not have escaped the eagle eyed amongst you, but most of you would have noticed that coworking spaces are teeming with entrepreneurs and startups, who are poised to hoist they products and services onto the world. After this, it’s just a short leap to realise that when presented with a dipstick survey, these business folks are in a better position to evaluate your product or service with their biz hat on. As such, info mined from them can be extremely valuable and useful in the larger scheme of things.

Coworking spaces such as CoWrks house members from varied domains and profiles starting from CXOs to entrepreneurs. This allows you to implement valuable suggestions and get their take on your product or service.

Besides, this information could help you restructure your product, plans, strategy, services and everything else almost as soon as the results stream in. What’s more, you are bound to in an enviable position wherein you get detailed data from people who moonlight as customers, as well as fellow business buddies. Now, more than ever, I’m sure you’ll agree with us when we say that not all opinions are born equal!

Repeat captive audience

Now that you’ve plumbed the very depths of insights and opinions that the co-inhabitants of your shared workspace can provide, you can dust off the cobwebs and get set to do it all over again! As such, with the general cadre and calibre of the space staying constant, you have an unchanging set of people willing to test out new and improved ideas, products, services and strategies to see how they go down. Thereby, you can gauge the progress you’ve made, and see if you’ve suitably addressed your areas of improvement from previous surveys. It bears repeating, that with your audience being the one constant, you can therefore make accurate and insightful deductions that definitely delve into the very heart of the issue.

Coworking spaces such as CoWrks house members from varied domains and profiles starting from CXOs to entrepreneurs. This allows you to implement valuable suggestions and get their take on your product or service.

Coworking spaces are becoming testing grounds for startups, entrepreneurs, even large enterprises to run pilots of their products on a diverse audience and acquire valuable feedback to better their product.