Live App-ily Ever After: How To Increase Your App Customer Base

‘Get an app’, they said. ‘Get it up and running’, they said. Well, that’s easier said than done, now isn’t it? Now, we’re sure you’ve put your very best foot forward in this regard, and hey, we’re sure that you’ve spent more than just a few sleepless nights pondering over how you can keep your app’s customer base, and while you’re at it, even help grow and extend it. So, if that’s the problem that’s got your goat, you’ve come to the right place!

Here are some things to help you on your way:

Soak Into Your Customers

This old chestnut again! Well, we’re sure you’ve taken some time to know your users. But have you really? For this to work, you need to put yourself in your users’ shoes for a day, and look at the various ways in which you can enter their lives in a meaningful manner. For instance, is there any other need you can fulfil or any other service that can make a significant, profound and positive difference to their lives? Nailing this could very well help win you a user or customer for life.

Acquiring and retaining a customer base can be quite a task. With several apps launching every day, you have to do everything differently to stand out.

Feed Back The Feedback

The social media gen like to ‘mouth off’, and I’m sure you’ve noticed. Significantly also, they’re talking to you almost incessantly, through your feedback channels, your website, and various other forums. They may be suggesting changes to your services or app, or even belting out complaints. Therefore, listen to your customer, and listen often. Seriously consider the changes or amendments they offer, and see how you can alter your app or business accordingly. Remember, if they have a positive experience with the app, they will tell everyone about it.

Feedback is essential to retention of customers. Constantly improving on the user interface and other features of your app helps you acquire more customers.

Vow to wow

Try to be unique, and interact with your customers in a way that will wow them! Interactions and the type of interactions are key. For this, you will need to understand their lifestyles in a deep manner. Next up, figure out the sort of interaction that will elicit the response you want out of them. Is it a survey, a competition, a unique offer, or indeed something else? The important question you need to ask yourself here is “What will let my customers know that I truly get them?”. Once they know you get them, you’ve really bonded!

Just building a good app doesn’t get you customers, there needs to be constant communication with them. This helps get sufficient information about their lifestyle and put that to good use.

Come on, come on, chameleon!

Forget what your grandma told you, the world of immediacy and instant gratification is irrefutably upon us. Moreover, folks these days are more dynamic and ever changing than they’ve ever been. Given this scenario, you can hardly afford to be a dinosaur, and well, be static. Therefore, keep your finger on the pulse of your customer or user, and change with them! If your product, offering, app interface or app interactions need to change, hop to it! If your offering is current and moves with the times, your customers will take your app with them. So, be flexible and be the change they want to see, before they even know about it.

Changing with time helps catch up with the current trends for any business. Working and reworking on your app to make it more appealing always adds to your business.

We do sincerely hope these tips help increase your customer base, and help keep the ones you have. Remember, the road to success is littered by so many apps that have listlessly fallen by the wayside. Don’t let yours be one of them!

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