Make a mentor the centre of your biz universe!

You need a mentor, or else you’ll be on tenterhooks! Alright, we’ll admit it, we just made that up, and it’s not very good. That said, it’s not too far from the truth, now is it? As an entrepreneur, life can be a lonely place, and without the right guidance you may not land many of the punches you so hoped to. To keep the analogy going, wouldn’t it be simply killer to have someone stellar in your corner, telling you when to duck, and indeed when to land the knockout blow? For that, you’d need a mentor, and we’ve spelt out a few more reasons why below:

…Done that!

Yes, mentors have been there, done that and seen it all (Anyone else hear the strains of a particular Dr. Dre track right about now? Just me? Alright, then!). Now, you might think that a lot has changed in the modern digital age, but not quite too much really. Therefore, you can hardly shun the business acumen, instinct, and experience of someone who has trod the path you are now tread. Furthermore, often as a start-up or an entrepreneur, the everyday consumes us, (and quite rightly so) and leaves us scant time to see where we’re truly headed or where the world is headed, and how we should steer as a business to meet the world there. Besides, there’s only so much practical knowledge you can glean from ‘book reading’ and testimonials. Who better than a mentor to fill in the blanks for you?

Mentors come with a whole lot of experience which can add value to your business. Very often when you are starting off, you need someone to guide you through it.

Lifeblood on tap

How many start-ups and entrepreneurial enterprises have you heard of that have gone down the pan or have simply been shelved for lack of resources? Too many to count, we reckon! That’s another reason why having a mentor close by could help you deftly sidestep this particular landmine. Mentors are more well-known in the industry, and could help you get the funding that’s incredibly crucial to your sustenance and growth. Moreover, they could negotiate better with venture capitalists and angel investors. Remember, some VCs may be willing to invest solely on your mentor’s say so.

A good mentor will not only put you in touch with important people from the industry but also pitch your business idea to them.

Why, hello there!

As an entrepreneur looking in, the entrepreneurial inner circle may be tough to breach. Getting into this seemingly impenetrable inner circle will help you meet all the right people and make the connections that could light the way forward for your enterprise. Now, if only you had someone that could bring you in? Why, that’s what mentors are for, and you can count on their networking skills to do just that! Moreover, the very fact that a certain mentor is willing to speak for you and even mentor you, can open several doors that previously remained resolutely shut.

Becoming a part of entrepreneurial circle can be quite difficult unless you know someone. Your mentor can introduce you to the circle and you can take it ahead from there.

Head, NOT heart

Entrepreneurs are often young in the game. And more often than not, are led by their hearts and not their heads. They think of their ventures as their ‘babies’, and who can blame them. But it’s worth noting that this emotional connect with the business can cloud their judgment, leading them to making the wrong decisions or even the right decisions at the wrong time. Now, a mentor could easily step in, steer your course! He, or indeed she, can remain cool, calm and collected, look at the bigger picture and the various elements that affect the vital decisions. Therefore, you’re more likely to hit it out of the park with a mentor coaching you from the sidelines.

When you are a young or fairly new entrepreneur, you tend to make wrong decisions as you are lead by your heart. When you have a mentor, your decisions are evaluated and you can weigh the pros and cons.
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