Why Ditch The TT Table And Get A Foosball Table

While sweating it out the TT table can be good it can give you neck cramps if you are just watching two players tossing the ball from here to there. What’s more, it can get boring too while you are waiting for them to finish up. Recreation is important and what can offer you that in abundance at work? A foosball table it is! Being a multi-player game foosball involves four players, two on each side. So let’s get to why you should ditch the TT table and opt for a swanky new foosball table instead.

While games like TT require some expertise and practice, foosball is an easy game which has few ground rules.

The more the merrier

Foosball is a multiplayer game. As there are two teams on each side, the game is one which is filled with energy, sportsmanship and coordination with your teammate. This game is especially good if you want to help teams in your company build a bond. Even if you don’t know the other person on your team, you get to know them through the game. Foosball games are good for ice-breaking sessions and helps people communicate with each other without getting all awkward. Furthermore, the communication is not limited to people only on your team but also extends to individuals who are on the other team. This helps accelerate teamwork and team bondings.

Being a multiplayer game, foosball promotes team spirit and is a game of contagious energy.

Take a break, play a game.

Foosball is good when you are overworked and really need to take a break. It is good fun and helps you relieve stress as well. As your stress levels come down, your productivity automatically pumps up. Bringing down pressure for employees who are tensed can be quite a task for the HR team, unless they have mastered human psychology. Thus, to make things easy, companies must always invest in recreational areas with foosball tables where employees can vent out and cool off. This helps them replenish on the lost momentum and get back to work with fresh energy.

It’s good to take a break when you are overworked. Foosball gives you a chance to get your mind off work for a while and go back to it with renewed energy.

Get some exercise

Foosball although doesn’t involve too much of movement, it does help flex some arm and wrist muscles. Also there needs to be a strong eye-hand coordination. The game further helps better your motor skills. Studies have also found that foosball helps treat arthritis and osteoarthritis by allowing players to giving enough movement to their shoulders, elbows, arms and wrist muscles. In addition, knees and feet are also constantly moving and don’t remain stationary while playing this game.

Foosball is not all about fun, it helps people rehabilitate from injuries by allowing light play and exercise. It has proven to be good for people with arthritis.

Play one, play all

Foosball is one such game wherein you don’t require expertise and practice. All you need to do is just play a few games to get the hang of it. Although there are a few ground rules which need to be followed, this game can be played by both young and old with the same fervour. As the game is safe to play by all age groups the teams can be a mix of young and old players.

Foosball can be played and enjoyed by all age groups. As it’s an easy game, most people get the hang of it in just a few games.

So next time you want some time off, dust your palms and get set to swing those foosball rods and kiss your stress goodbye.

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