Read about how our coworking space become a facilitator for talent growth.

The lone office is passe. And so are the few employees who juggle myriad tasks. Coworking has been a game changer in initiating growth stories, and facilitating talent in its truest form, a win-win no one is shying away from. The unicorn industry is at the crux of great leaps, curiously, due to the ease with which its companies, entrepreneurs and freelancers thrive. Enhancing talent is a large portion of the coworking bucket list. In effect, it’s akin to a “work” university that connects great people to do…

At CoWrks, we cater to all demographics of the workforce with an array of membership plans. Our premium and carefully designed workspaces are home to several leading entrepreneurs, a launchpad for startups and a work hub for millennials in large enterprises and Fortune 500 companies. With our expertise in building a strong community of creators, we are redefining how top innovators, business leaders and influencers of our time across industries share common passions and explore novel experiences. Wondering how? Presenting CoWrks Insider.


CoWrks Insider is a members-only club focused on connecting and supporting CXOs and high ranking executives globally. The…

Founder and Vice Chairman of CoWrks, Sidharth Menda, shares his thoughts about this often overlooked tact.

“Greetings of the day!”

Do you often start emails with this line? Do you receive a lot of emails with this line? Would you say it in conversation with another individual?

If not, why then do we indulge in adding additional irrelevant content to emails in the hope that it conveys politeness?

Here’s a thought — if you receive over 5 emails a day that begin with “Greetings of the Day” and “I hope you’re doing well”, chances are that you start to ignore…

As millennials, we have evolved significantly from our ancestors that craved stability to a generally rootless population, seeking exploration, expansion, and freedom. Voluntary migrants are unlike those who move or resettle for economic reasons, wanderlust or forced exile. It is a choice they make to explore the unknown to find their sense of self.

“Rather than migrating in search of employment, career advancement, or overall improved economic conditions, these voluntary migrants are seeking greater possibilities for actualizing, exploring foreign cultures in order to assess their own identity, and ultimately grappling with issues of home and belonging in the world generally”…

At CoWrks, we’ve always been very vocal about the real heart of our workspaces — our community. People from myriad backgrounds, doing vastly different work call CoWrks home and each individual adds a little something special to our office spaces. Entrepreneurs, freelancers, big corporations, small and medium enterprises work alongside each other in an environment that is built for collaborative working. Being part of a community has multiple benefits — you can learn from one another, gain inspiration, share resources, build connections and so much more. In the pursuit of success and fulfillment, leveraging the power of a community is…

There are certain practices and habits that entrepreneurs cultivate in order to set themselves up for great things. These distinguishing characteristics define incredible leaders. Emulating these attitudes and principles could significantly improve your well-being and productivity while setting you firmly on the path to success.

Successful entrepreneurs periodically reflect on their wins and take stock of their progress. For founders who tend to spend a lot of their time learning how to douse fires and deal with chaos, carving out some time for gratitude creates a backdrop of clarity and balance, and helps you operate from a place of peace…

In a digital age where discussions on transparency and company culture are aplenty, our members have developed the Hush app — an innovative solution to tapping into employee insight and gauging satisfaction by driving engagement within a digital community.

Hush has the potential to transform organizational culture as it allows employees to anonymously voice their opinion on everything from nepotism, and the wage gap, to interview tips, work culture and career growth.

Let’s dive right in, as founder duo Ashutosh and Umesh tell us about their incredible product.

What is Hush? How does it work?

Hush is a mobile application…

We’re sharing nuggets of wisdom from industry greats who have faced their fair share of failure and disappointment. What’s more — we’re breaking them down for you so that you know exactly what they are trying to tell a starry-eyed entrepreneur like yourself. Let’s dive right in.

Voted the World’s Most Attractive Employer in 2017, the former President of Ford knows a thing or two about leadership and running a successful company. Fields seems to say that when running a company, strategy and culture go hand and hand. Today, it’s important for companies to be able to stay on top…

CoWrks is a modern melting pot of millennial worker bees. Chennai is a sanctuary of South Indian culinary, religious and artistic heritage.

So, what do a coworking space and a South Indian capital city have in common?

On the surface, perhaps not much at all. But we’re looking much deeper, right to what forms our core.

First and foremost is a firmly held belief that we are better together.

Whether going to a movie, celebrating a festival or enjoying a meal with family — these are everyday experiences that Chennai takes great joy in doing together. …

One super-powered individual is pretty amazing. So imagine what it would be like to put together a whole team of them! From saving the known universe to battling a cybernetic overlord, The Avengers has everything a dream-team needs to accomplish whatever monumental goal is in front of them. But if there’s one thing that makes the Avengers what they are, it’s the memorable bonds they share with each other.

Especially a few dynamic duos that are almost inseparable. Even a superhero needs somebody they can depend on;, someone that will stand alongside them as they fight their daily battles and…


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