What is leadership?

I have a memorable moment where a respected colleague took it upon himself to lead a handful of us ‘green’ outback campers, how to give our students the best adventure they will have. It was his passion for the ‘bush’ and bush life that I remember most. Since that day in Outback Queensland, I have found myself wanting to inspire others about the beauty and harshness of ‘The Bush’

The feeling I got from a time when I chose to lead, as opposed to the feeling of simply managing a group of people, is poles apart. Without even noticing, people are asking questions, they look enthused, they seem to do things with you and not just for you. And what’s more the time seems to fly.

I think anyone can manage, and some may lead, but good leaders are the people we will be talking about after the job is done and we sit back and reflect on the path we have taken. For these people I think leadership comes natural and it is a choice.

‘Hmm, what is the change I am trying to make?’ I’m not overly sure, I think it is trying to get people to see there could be a better way of achieving better results for our students. This would mean changing the minds of many people for the betterment of all.