What is this “Dark Post”? So earlier today I stumbled upon a Gary Vaynerchuk video and all he kept talking about was this hype of dark post on Facebook. So curious enough I found myself youtubing and googling answers to this Dark post. Very interesting and intriguing so upon my research it’s just a simple and clever marketing strategy. How I’ve comprehended it, dark post allow you to create ads without posting on your wall or news feed. It simply scraps data from clicks, interest, and likes the whole 9. What’s cool is that you can customize your targeted audience and buy clicks. For example if I was trying to sell jewelry, I would create a targeted audience of old ladies between the ages of 35–75 in the Southwest. Now I could get more specific and do Native American jewelry or what have you. Now based off of gathered data and click systems Facebook will then generate a certain amount of likes, engagement so on and so forth. It just amazes me this is how marketing is being ran nowadays through Clicks, shares and likes. We live in a new era where if you’re not in with the in, then your the odd ball out. Has anyone used this method or strategy. What did you use it for? How did you like it? And did you get what you paid for? Like, share, subscribe, comment. I would like to hear what you’ve got. I’ll start writing even more and more based off of topics. Thank you all and have a wonderful Thursday…or whatever day you’re reading this.