This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 3

The future is always said to be pregnant.

What it would deliver I don’t know!

Will it give birth alive?

Will it be an abortion?

Or will it be a stillbirth?

This reminds me of Zynab Alkali’s book, The Stillborn, where she said: “like babies, dreams are born alive; some are aborted while others are stillborn”.

Out of the three outcomes, I have decided to embrace making my dreams come alive. The other two outcomes may lead to someone singing Kenny Rogers’ “Don’t fall in love with a dreamer” to me!

The only way to actualizing my dream of becoming a celebrated writer is by waking up and taking the necessary actions. Yes, actions that transform positively!

I’m on the right course. I’m fighting complacency, procrastination and lack of self belief by sticking to this #freedomplan. Yes, this #10DBC is part of the panacea.

I have squeezed in this challenge to my daily routine. My day usually starts at 05:00 am by allowing myself to come to reality with my immediate environment for 10 minutes by shaking off the sleepiness.

05:10 am to 05:40 am see me benefiting from my spiritual routine. I read and meditate on the Bible. I consider a scriptural text from Examining The Scriptures Daily published by Jehovah’s Witnesses. Depending on my weekly spiritual itinerary, I might read a portion of the Watchtower or Awake! magazines or other publications of the Witnesses. My spiritual exercise for the morning comes to conclusion by communicating with my God in prayer.

By 05:41am to 06:15am, I go for morning jogging. Perhaps you ought to agree with me that an active mindset is tied to regular exercise.

Returning from exercising, I try to catch up on the latest news and sports around the world while taking my bath and getting ready to hit the road. By 7:15am latest, I’m on my way out to the courthouse to attended to cases I’m involved in which were adjourned to that day. This might take the greater part of the day depending on the cases the Judge may be hearing for that day! I might leave the court by 2pm.

I believe you’ve learn’t from my response to Day 1 of the challenge that I’m a lawyer!

On court-free days, I allow the flexibility of my schedule to dictate my itinerary.

I had tried to fix my writing schedule to these uncertain and flexible times within the day.

I’ve noticed during these two days of the challenge that what is fueling my procrastination is my inability to schedule a specific time for my writing.

That’s the real reason I’m engaged in this #freedomplan challenge to streamline my writing; eliminate complacency and become steadfast in achieving my goals for the future. This is my visionary path to the future of giving birth to my dreams alive. Yes, I’m on course. I’m loving every bit of it!

Wow! I just concluded Day 3 of the challenge! Are you coming with me to Day 4, where I’ll unlock my superpowers?