This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 4

I bet you’ve watched the SUPERMAN movie or the animated version of it!

Is that what comes to your mind when you hear the word “SUPERPOWERS”?

Forget about SUPERMAN for now!

Did you picture in your mind’s eye someone possessing uncanny powers?

Or someone exhibiting some form of powerful, breathtaking and supernatural aura?

Have you heard of internal resilience?Internal compulsion to carry out a task and going against all odds to accomplish it?

This is what I mean by superpowers. The power to dig deep into our inner self. The bubbling spring of well-structured abilities in accomplishing quite insurmountable tasks when the going gets tough.

From the outset of Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge which I heartily subscribed to

I personally vowed to myself to complete all the tasks therein without allowing any atom of relapse to set in.

Can I really accomplish my goal? Yes I can (remembering the Obama election slogan of “YES WE CAN”)! Is it not only for 10 days! Afterall, I’ve completed Days 1 and 2!

Could you just believe this! After all the mind-boosting hypes of my ability to continue, I began to think of backsliding!

Yes I sure did!

At this point of any challenge I set in to accomplish online, I usually find myself reluctant to continue due to complacency and procrastination. But, on this occasion, I’m having a better deal on these problems!

Then what is my problem? My reluctance is attributed to factors which commonly impedes or slows down an entrepreneur residing in a developing country. Factors such as incessant power outage, epileptic internet network and low capacity broadband to support heavy video files.

I’m late in posting my response to Day 3’s challenge due to these factors.

Was I downcast? Yes, you betcha!

Did I resolve to quite? Certainly a resounding yes!

But did you know that irrespective of the fact that the “yes” was resounding outwardly, my inner resolve refused to give in?

Haha! I suddenly realized that I have superpowers I can unlock if I want to. Boy!… You gotta trust me I did unlocked every bit of them!

It dawned on me that I can surmount these hurdles. I can refuse to see them as stumbling blocks by converting them to stepping stones.

I don’t intend to allow anything sidetrack me. I must complete my #10DBC, not only completing it, but complete everyday’s challenge!

Aha! Thanks for reading my post to this stage. We are on a 10 day journey. It’s my #freedomplan; not only mine but our road to freedom as writers. Let’s go to Day 5!