My New Job Was Better than I Expected

Making career decisions is often difficult and challenging, but for Ron West, Home Security Consultant for Cox Business in Phoenix, he prioritized the importance of moral values, having a supportive team and appreciating company resources. Here is his story.

By Ron West

To a lot of folks at Cox, I’m considered a newbie — there are people with 15, 20 and 30 years under their belt and I’ve been with Cox six years and three days.

I am a Home Security Consultant. I do a lot of customer prospecting, I generate a lot of my own sales, I schedule anywhere between 3–8 appointments a day and host consultations all over the Arizona valley. I do tons of driving to meet with people from all walks of life and I love that my job is very independent, like I’m running my own business designing security and automation systems for all kinds of people.

I came to Cox kind of by accident. I was working for an insurance company and I wasn’t comfortable with their ethical situations in how they ran their business. After resigning, I was in between jobs and took a position at Cox as a temporary role but ended up loving the company so much.

Since joining, I’ve earned a far better income than I thought I would and way better benefits like our 401K package and our health and medical insurance.

It definitely takes the right personality for this type of role in direct sales for residential. The people who are successful are usually those who have direct sales experience, discipline and of course the networking capability that it requires to run it as your own business.

If there are guys struggling with hitting their sales numbers, I often encourage them. However, there are some who contemplate leaving the company — for those guys I tell them to go outside of Cox and find out what the other companies offer. My goal is not to get them to leave Cox but just to make them realize how good of a position they have here.

When they compare apples to apples at other companies, I’ve had guys come back to me and say, “hey you’re right, there’s not another company that offers what I have here at Cox.”

The Cox culture is just like a family! I’m a single dad and I have an autistic son, so there are times when things come up and I can’t go to work, my direct supervisor and the guys on my team all step up and say “hey, don’t worry about it, do what you need to do for your family, we will cover for you.” This is one of the main things that I see as attractive in a company.

Ron West is pictured with his son Darius and their Vizsla dog named Star (left). Darius enjoying a boat ride (right).

When I talk to people about Cox, one of the things I like to tell people is there’s a wide variety of things to do. Not only is there Cox Residential, but there’s Cox Media and Cox Business. There’s a lot of opportunity here to move around and try different positions and see what you like.

I believe my future is to one day retire with Cox. My supervisor, Rob Arthur, has helped me prepare for a leadership position and I’ll be completing my bachelor’s degree at Arizona State University in the Spring of 2019. The majority of my tuition was paid for using the Cox tuition reimbursement program, too. And, I’ve had a lot of support in reaching my goals. The opportunity is wide open here.

Special thanks to Ron for sharing his great story! If you would like to build a career that you love too, visit our careers site to learn how to do that with Cox.

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